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What's it like to be an NFL Referee? Let's ask Clay Martin

Sat down with Clay Martin over Spring Break and asked him a ton of questions. Talked about his high school playing days at Nathan Hale. His paths in college football and basketball at the University of Tulsa and then on to Oklahoma Baptist University to play basketball.

Why did he get started in coaching?

Why did he start officiating?

What was and currently is his motivation?

Who were his mentors and those who had the greatest influence on his life?

What was his path to being only one of 17 NFL referees?

What is it like coaching AND being an NFL referee?

What is his week like leading up to and then Sunday game day?

What are the keys to his success?

How about his advice to other officials?

Incredible insight in this 50 minute interview. Sit back, enjoy and hear his story.

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